Sunesis Pharmaceuticals - Inspired to Make a Difference in Cancer Patients Lives.


Commitment to Improving Oncology Care

The commitment to advancing oncology treatment and patient care is paramount at Sunesis, and it drives every aspect of our business.

  • Our work—pursuing the best possible translational and clinical science to ensure that we deliver important new drugs to patients
  • Our workplace—creating a stimulating, teamwork-oriented environment for our people involved in this important work
  • Our world—supporting the larger oncology community and the philanthropic organizations that help patients and caregivers


Sunesis has expanded its product pipeline to include company- and partner-directed development programs which provide the opportunity to create novel therapeutics for cancer patients. These include SNS-062, a wholly owned selective non-covalently binding oral inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK); TAK-580, a Pan-RAF inhibitor currently in Phase 2 clinical development partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals; and a wholly owned, potential first-in-class, preclinical inhibitor of the novel target phosphoinositide-dependent kinase-1 (PDK1). Sunesis is also supporting exploration of vosaroxin, a topoisomerase II inhibitor for the potential treatment of myeloid malignancies, in combinations with marketed anti-cancer agents through investigator sponsored trials at leading U.S. and EU centers.


We stress the importance of teamwork: drug development is a complex, challenging and constantly changing process that requires open communication and a selfless pursuit of the truth. We seek to hire the best people and provide opportunities for career growth and development as we endeavor to make a real difference to patients. Sunesis employees take inspiration from the real-life stories of patients who are fighting these diseases and remain mindful of the true purpose of our work.


Sunesis is committed to participating in the larger community of people fighting cancer. We support philanthropic organizations whose mission is to assist patients and their loved ones. We also want to ensure that patients are informed about their disease and how our medicines may help, and are aware of other resources that can help them.

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