Sunesis Pharmaceuticals - Inspired to Make a Difference in Cancer Patients Lives.


Delivering on our Promise

Inspired to make a difference in patients’ lives, Sunesis is fighting cancer with molecularly targeted medicines – developing potentially life-saving precision therapeutics for areas of unmet need where existing therapies are insufficient. Our goal at Sunesis is to change lives by attacking the underlying critical drivers of disease.

Our therapeutic efforts are focused on developing and commercializing molecularly targeted therapies. We believe this approach represents a significant advancement of cancer treatment, and these types of medicine are already transforming the treatment paradigm by profiling and identifying the right patients for the right therapy thereby leading to markedly better outcomes.

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals is developing a portfolio of next generation oral kinase inhibitor therapies. Kinases are key components of vital signaling pathways controlling growth, proliferation, migration and apoptosis that are aberrant or dysregulated in human cancers, thereby driving disease proliferation and progression. Over the last decade, more than a dozen kinase inhibitors have been successfully developed and commercialized as important new treatment options that have transformed the lives of countless thousands of cancer patients. We believe there remain significant new opportunities for us to develop and commercialize next generation kinase inhibitors in proven pathways as well as first generation therapeutics within pathways of novel biology.

We plan to build Sunesis into a leading biopharmaceutical company initially focused on the development of new oncology therapeutics for the treatment of serious hematologic cancers by:

  • Developing vecabrutinib (SNS-062) as a therapy for subjects with previously treated B-lymphoid malignancies, including: chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL) with C481 mutations (a key driver of ibrutinib resistance), lymphoplasmacytoid lymphoma/Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (LPL/WM), mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), and other lymphomas;

  • Advancing SNS-510 from our PDK1 inhibitor program through IND-enabling development into the clinic;

  • Leveraging the support and resources of our partner Takeda Pharmaceuticals to develop TAK-580 from our Pan-RAF inhibitor program; and

  • Continuing to expand and develop our oncology-focused pipeline through further licensing or collaboration arrangements and research and development.

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