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An Investigational Anticancer Agent

Mechanism of Action
Vosaroxin is an investigational anticancer quinolone derivative (AQD). The molecular core of vosaroxin is structurally similar to quinolones and distinct from anthracyclines and anthracenediones. Vosaroxin's anticancer activity results from apoptosis caused exclusively by DNA intercalation, inhibition of topoisomerase II, and cell cycle inhibition in replicating cells.

Vosaroxin's cytotoxic activity is established in diverse human tumors and clinical activity is observed in both solid and hematologic malignancies. In preclinical studies, vosaroxin demonstrated broad anti-tumor activity and exhibited additive or synergistic activity when combined with several therapeutic agents currently used in the treatment of cancer, including cytarabine. vosaroxin maintains activity in drug resistant tumor cell lines and human tumor models. Vosaroxin evades P-gp transporter-mediated resistance, and its activity is p53 independent, reducing resistance to therapy. Vosaroxin has demonstrated anti-cancer activity in patients who have failed other topoisomerase II inhibitor treatment.